Solar powered freezers,
Improving livelihoods.

Our Theory of Change

A comprehensive package of cold storage units and flexible payment plans eliminate post-harvest losses for fisher folks thereby increasing their revenues and consequently securing sustainability of their businesses. Further, offering cold storage solutions that are solar-powered and reduction of fish waste enhances the environment.

Our Vision

To be the champion provider of affordable solar refrigeration solutions in Africa

Our Mission

To revolutionize cold-storage by harnessing the power of the sun.

Core Values

Customer Focus, Innovativeness, Quality, Impact

We're anchored on 3 thematic areas:

1. Community Empowerment

We offer communities in the fish value and supply chains higher income opportunities by reducing post-harvest losses.

2. Innovative technologies

we manufacture solar-powered cold storage solutions custom made for household usage or mobility enabled units and modeled to preserve products through chilling and freezing.

3. Environmental Sustainability

Leveraging solar energy to reducing greenhouse gasses emissions.